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Life Camp is a virtual camp for  adults who want to make radical change and step into their limitless power by applying evidence based practices in an immersive LIVE trauma informed coaching program.


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Angela - Life Camp Grad and soon to be Marriage & Family Therapist


How to get unstuck, let go and *finally* move on.

Whether you’re in the process of breaking up, newly separated or you’ve broken up long ago (but still think about your ex every damn day)... you can get unstuck with a lot less heartache and mess, learn to let go in a way that feels powerful and initiate the steps to truly move on to an even more exciting and fulfilling life.

Explore, heal and find relief in this 2 hour masterclass where you’ll get real tools and our signature science-backed approach to navigating life after a breakup.

Our new pay-what-you-choose pricing makes this truly accessible. Find more details and get instant access today.



How to start (or upgrade) your morning and evening routines to go from surviving to thriving.


It's no secret there are legit science backed benefits to incorporating a regular morning routine into your life. Improved mood and health, increased focus and productivity, reduced stress and anxiety and even giving you a boost of energy for the day. Evening routines have the added bonus of supporting deeper sleep and making it easier to fall asleep faster and stay asleep!


This masterclass breaks down the keys to a successful morning and evening routine and goes into depth on exactly how and why to turn your basic routine into a simple ritual to increase benefits and make it a lot simpler to follow through with your new habit!


Life Camp blog devoted to upleveling YOU!

Keeping it science based, strategy obsessed, trauma informed & edgy AF. 

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Is This Costing You?

How to end perpetual arguments!

Feb 06, 2023

Meet the Mad Geniuses Behind Life Camp

We’re Star Rose Bond, LCSW and Ruby Christine Head, Coach and we’re not here to fuck around. 

We combine science and the art of healing in a unique way that will cure your need to constantly consume self-help books. We bring our plethora of clinical expertise and give you the long-lasting tools you need to step into your unlimited power. 

We are fiercely passionate that every human is capable of complete change and healing to achieve a limitless and abundant life. 


As someone who has spent a majority of life hating myself, the mind shift that I've gained alone from Life Camp has been worth it. I love that I've not only learned how to make positive shifts to my mind and vibe but also how and why my trauma impacts me. How it comes out in places I never really realized. How it was fucking my life up more than I knew. Then it taught me how to make changes to address the shit head on.

Erika Floyd

Angela Vincent

Given with love and total honesty, Ruby and Star's approach is not only accessible but critical for the healing and wellbeing of any and every body. There is no trauma or challenge too big or too small for them!

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

The Life Camp experience was absolutely transformational for me. I'm not new to this work, many of the tools and practices are things that I was already familiar with, but the way that Ruby & Star have helped me fit all the pieces of the puzzle together is nothing short of magical!

Rachel Stronglove

Get our free guide, Should I Stay Or Should I Go: How to know when it's over. It's time to create instant clarity and make confident decisions with our 12 journal prompts. Hint:  this works for relationships, jobs, friends and anything you feel uncertain about!

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