Life Camp

A virtual camp for grown-ass adults who are ready to dump their BS stories - and become the brilliant badass they’ve always wanted to be.

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Does this sound familiar?

You know you’re a capable person - you show up, you work hard, you’ve paid your dues... and you have been reasonably successful.

(Who are we kidding? You ARE more successful than almost every one of your IRL friends.)

And your life sure looks pretty damn good on Instagram.

It’s full of sexy cocktail parties, "transformational" retreats in exotic places, 5 star meals with important people, cute kids, off Broadway shows and of course, you rocking #boss status at work...

...but that’s not quiiiite the truth IRL.

In reality, you feel like a hot mess.


In actuality, you feel like you’re going through life with your sanity hanging by a teeny tiny thread.

You have a lot of “drama” going on in your relationships - with your partner, mom, best friend...and almost everyone else that matters to you.

You get into arguments that you think about for days after they’ve happened - coming up with new comebacks, mentally destroying your “opponent” and beating yourself up for never being able to say all these things out loud!

You care wayyy too much about what people will think about you - and the fact that they have some opinions that differ from yours is enough to make you feel insecure, manic or ultra-eager to get them to change their mind.

You feel like a fraud at work and you’re terrified that one single wrong move will make people want to chase you off the internet with pitchforks!

You spend wayy too much time perfecting things at work, worrying about your presentations or freaking out over deadlines - because you think that’s the only way your work will ever be good enough.

And as you stay awake until 2am - worrying for HOURS about the c​risis du jour - ​on the way to a full-blown, sweaty panic attack - over something that’s probably never going to happen in real life....’re just freaking exhausted by all the craziness.

It makes you want to snap at everyone around you - because it feels like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

And every time you find a quiet moment to think about your life - you say: “#%#^, I just CANNOT keep going this way. There MUST be a solution, right? It’s not normal to feel this way! Life shouldn’t be so damn hard!”

If that sounds eerily close to your life...

- welcome friend, you’re in the right place!




You’ve probably heard the BS saying that goes: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Pfft - that couldn’t be more wrong..

The more accurate version is: “​What doesn’t kill you traumatizes the shit out of you.”

And that trauma is what makes good people like you behave in crazy, unproductive patterns that keep them stuck.

From a survival perspective, it served the purpose (of keeping you alive). From an emotional perspective, not so much. It just made you cray-cray.
So, cut yourself some slack for feeling all the craziness of life on planet earth.

It’s not you - it’s the trauma. And you’re not alone in cray-cray-land.


The bad news is: ALL of us go through trauma. Literally 100% of all humans everywhere.

FYI: It doesn’t have to be some big, bad or “violent” to be traumatizing. You can even get traumatized by losing your fav blue stuffed Unicorn as a 6 year old.

The good news is: ALL of us go through trauma. #normalizetrauma

Meaning: It’s normal. You can heal your trauma. And dare we say it, you can have FUN doing it when you join us for 10 weeks in Life Camp!

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Imagine what it would feel like to get some relief...

  • Sleeping through the night and waking up feeling happy, relaxed and in-control of your life. (Bu-bye crazy midnight-mind-gremlins - see you never!) 
  • Picture being able to ask for what you want with zero conflict AND get it - in your romantic relationship, at work and with friends and family. (Like a boss!) 
  • See yourself being able to enjoy the flow of life, take a vacay without guilt and just chill the eff out  - without desperately needing to control every outcome or checking your phone every 5 seconds.
  • What if you could bid adieu to the drama in your relationships once and for all? You actually feel secure and fulfilled in your relationships - and you didn't need to get a lobotomy, a new partner or shoot everyone off to the moon. 
  • Imagine getting compliments from your friends about how vibrant and relaxed you look  - while you grin like a Cheshire cat and feel relaxed because this time you're not faking it, the inside *finally* matches the outside. 
  • See yourself being able to work with more creativity, clarity and productivity - that flows from a place of vision + wanting to do big shit in the world (and not needing to prove your capability or worth). 
  • Finally check-off things from your vision board and make massive progress towards your next level dreams - like getting that full sleeve, buying your dream home, making massive donations to your favorite charities, taking that 3-month vacation, adopting a rainforest, quitting yo j-o-b and starting your own biz...

That’s exactly what we want for you!



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A virtual camp for grown-ass adults who are ready to dump their BS stories - and become the brilliant badass they’ve always wanted to be. 

Led by Licensed Psychotherapist, Star Rose Bond and Life Coach, Ruby Christine Head.

Next session starts Spring/Summer 2021!


What's included in Life Camp


    10 weeks of kick-ass video trainings - delivered live each Mon. 

    Bring your fine ass, your smart AF questions and a mind that’s ready to be blown!


    2 high-touch group coaching calls - every Wed and Fri - with Star +  Ruby. 

    Watch, participate and learn as we release trauma - individually and collectively.


    Join a bevy of badasses and get supported by 2 trauma-informed coaches inside the Life Camp FB Group - all through the 10 weeks. 

    We’ll make sure you don’t fall off the wagon when life happens.




  • You feel like every moment of your life is colored by one state: anxiety, anxiety, anxiety.  
  • You feel like your sanity is hanging by a thread - and even the smallest incident can push you into overwhelm and stress. 
  • You’re constantly fighting with your partner - about the same damn topic over and over again!
  • You struggle to be assertive - you can’t ask for what you want without being passive aggressive, yelling or crying. 
  • You feel like a fraud at work and worry that you’re going to be found out as an imposter any moment now!
  • You’re obsessed with what other people think about you - and you’re worried they’re bitching about you behind your back. 
  • You review every fight or confrontation in your head a million times -- and beat yourself up for coming up with good comebacks 6 hours after a fight. 
  • You’re constantly talking shit about yourself in your head - and you hold yourself to impossibly high standards.
  • You appear to be confident - but deep down, you’re feeling fearful and powerless. And this mismatch makes you feel even more like an imposter. 
  • You’re sick and tired of being so miserable. You desperately want a way out of the guilt, shame and self-loathing - but you can’t seem to figure out what exactly to do to get rid of it!


  • You genuinely believe in yourself and find yourself saying: “I am a mother-effin’ badass!” 
  • You see yourself as infinitely capable - and can see yourself crushing it in business and life! 
  • You show up with confidence, clarity and power - all day, erryday. .
  • You feel well-equipped to handle all the curveballs that come your way. 
  • You’re not back-sliding into old patterns and 6-hour worry sessions anymore!
  • Your relationships FINALLY feel intimate, drama-free and ….actually fun!
  • You see every adversity as an opportunity to level up and become even more badass. 
  • You have new default emotional states for dealing with life!
  • You feel more energy, vibrance and a willingness to try new things. 
  • You sleep better, wake up rested and feel excited to tackle the day
  • You feel more powerful and capable when you think about your Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs). 
  • You have more resilience, you respond to surprises better - and you don’t go with your knee-jerk reaction or spiral out of control. 
  • You’re proud of the person you’re becoming - and know that life will turn out even better than expected! 
  • Your life ACTUALLY feels better in reality than on Instagram!
I'm Ready

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Module 1 - How to accept the eff out of your past

Learn: what the f*ck happened, how you got here - and what you can do to move on from your past - a whole lot faster. 

Module 2 - Why trauma makes your brain cray-cray

Understand: what trauma does to your brain, how your patterns protect you and what you need to do to get your brain to chill the eff out (and support you on your mission to become a bad bitch who can rule the world). 

Module 3 - How to outsmart your biology

Learn: how to trick your body into believing what you want your mind to believe - so that you can teach yourself to BE a badass - without having to “fake it till you make it."

Module 4 How to become BFF's with your inner child 

Understand: why it's time to fire your parents, connect with your 6-year-old self and re-parent yourself with a whole lotta love - so that you can stop throwing tantrums and finally run the show as a MF adult. 

Module - Integration Time

A week of review, support and massive implementation.

Module 6 - How to stop dating your mom

Learn: why your subconscious mind gets attracted to certain "types" - and what you can do to release that pattern - so that you can stop looking for love in all the wrong places and finally enjoy drama-free relationships with healthy humans!

Module 7 - How to be great at 


Create: a solid foundation for meaningful love relationships, set boundaries that serve you and resolve conflicts like a pro.

Module 8 - How to become a superhero

Learn: how to connect with your intuitive superpowers, experience deeper meditations and enjoy happiness right now - without having to spend 12 years in a Himalayan monastery. (No saffron robes needed - and you don’t have to give up on Netflix and wine either.) 

Module 9 - How to create clarity & purpose

Understand: how to trust the Great Unknown, create your own personal manifesto and connect with your Big Why that makes life worth living - so that you can look back at your life and say: “Daaamn, I crushed this whole life thing!”

Module 10 - How to integrate & release trauma

Learn: how to find medicine in the poison, release everyone who has wronged you and create safety within yourself - so that you take the gifts inside your experiences and rise into higher levels of kickassery.

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    10 weeks of live kick-ass video trainings, with lifetime access to the recordings

    "Overall, Life Camp is very well planned and structured with love and care. Most of all, the genuine intention to help is always at the heart of every module which makes this program unique. I feel very fortunate to have found Life Camp."


    2 group coaching support calls a week with Star + Ruby. 

    "The support coaching calls were freaking awesome. Even if I didn't have a question of my own, someone else did that spoke to my heart. I loved the accountability."


    Exclusive 24/7 access to us in our private online community to ask all your little and big questions when it really matters!

    "The Facebook group is a really good idea, it makes you feel that you can be heard at any time rather than feeling shitty and having to wait another day or two to talk about it."

The Result? 

A custom plan for amet, metus at rhoncus dapibus.  ipsum dolor sit amet, metus at rhoncus dapibus.

With the confidence and tools to amet, metus at rhoncus dapibus.  ipsum dolor sit amet, metus at rhoncus dapibus.

Here's What Others Are Saying...


I’ve been going through what is probably the toughest time of my adult life in the past couple of months. I have been having a lot of trouble staying in the “now”, have felt so overwhelmed and have been in a state of almost constant panic. However, over the last week, I have been able to stay calm, grounded and present. I am managing because of the tools and techniques I am learning from Life Camp and with the support of all in this [FB] group. So, to all of you, THANK YOU!


Life Camp is a place of rebirth, a sanctuary of finding MYSELF again and at the same time, a place of SELF DISCOVERY to a higher version of ME!


Honestly, you ladies are doing a very amazing job that fucking makes people feel relief. Props to you two!!! Whoohooo! Your program is life changing. I truly think that if I didn’t do Life Camp, then the pain that I was feeling and the void that I was in would have killed me. I do not know what you two could add to make it better because it is already that fucking good.



Yes, we know investing money to heal your emotional trauma doesn’t sound as sexy as investing in a business program, the stock market or Bitcoin. It seems “non-essential” compared to the other expenses in your life. 

The truth is: the dividends you get from investing in your emotional well-being pays off on a daily basis, for the rest of your life. It’s what makes your life worth living. 

On the other hand - refusing to heal your emotional trauma creates a huge toll on every area of your life.

If you think emotional healing is “not essential” to your life - 

  • Try going through a divorce and spending tens of thousands of dollars with your lawyer.
  • Try separating from your partner and inflicting trauma on your young children. 
  • Try getting admitted (or receiving long-term treatment) for a chronic, stress-induced disease. (FYI: almost every disease is stress-induced) 
  • Try going through adrenal fatigue that makes it impossible for you to work.
  • Try ruining your relationship with your children, parents or other family members who matter to you!
  • Try wasting your life second-guessing yourself, playing the same conversations in your head and sabotaging your success - while people with half the talent as you are killing it out there!
  • Try giving up on your long-term dreams and living a directionless life - jaded and frustrated by the cards life handed to you. 
  • Try being 80 years old and feeling like you didn’t carpe the heck out of your diem - and leaving the planet with too many regrets.

Right now, healing yourself is THE path to living a rich, audacious, bold AF life that you can be proud of living.

If Life Camp resonates as that path for you - we’d be stoked to have you in the program.


Note: Life Camp is *not* for everyone

It's perfect for you if:

  • You have tried #allthethings - but nothing has worked for you so far! 
  • You conceptually *know* what you need to do - but struggle with actually doing it. 
  • You’re ready to change, grow and evolve as a person - and you’re willing to be coached by us.
  • You want to stop blaming others and start taking responsibility for your results.
  • You’re done with attracting the same BS into your life over and over again - and you’re ready to BE a different person in the world!
  • You’re a loving, inclusive person who is willing to be a part of an anti-racist community that cares about making ALL humans feel welcome in our space.

It's not for you if:

  • You want to continue playing victim and blaming others for your problems. 
  • You’re committed to your old stories, diagnoses or traumas - and don’t want to evolve past them. 
  • You’re not ready to make an effort towards transforming your life!
  • You’re looking for a spiritual, saffron-robe-wearing “guru” to give you all the answers. We’re edgy as f*ck, we swear, we have tattoos and we’re not gonna hide it! We’re still spiritual - but we’re not going to pretend to be someone we’re not. 
  • You need 1:1 therapy or stabilization support - that’s NOT what this program offers. 
  • You’re racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic. We are committed to providing an inclusive, safe community for our clients - and we won’t stand for anyone getting in the way of that commitment.
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We know it feels daunting to be in your shoes right now. 

You’re probably thinking: 

  • “I don’t have 2 hours to spend on my “morning routine” - and I’m NOT waking up at 5am to make the time.” 
  • “I don’t have a bajillion dollars and 5 years to cry on a therapist's couch and call it ‘talk therapy!’”.
  • “I absolutely don’t want to talk about what happened in 1985 - I don’t have the emotional bandwidth for it” 

We totally get it - and we said the same things when we were in your shoes. 

That’s exactly why we created Life Camp.

  • You don’t need to spend 2 hours per day. We’re giving you tools to reset your default state and handle life better as you go!
  • You don’t need 5 years on a couch - it just takes 10 weeks. And it’s pretty damn affordable! 
  • You absolutely DO NOT have to go into your past with a spotlight and a shovel - you can reset your brain right now and create a better future (while being supported by 2 real, non-judgmental women along the way!)




-Option 1-

You can keep doing what you’ve always done - read self-help books, get coaching, do positive affirmations, fall off the wagon, try again, do more mindset work, try some mushrooms, shamanic healings, astrology readings, you name it….  #allthetactics - and be stuck in a cycle of insecurity, overwhelm, anxiety and stress.


-Option 2-

You can join us in Life Camp and get all the tools + strategies you need to FINALLY break up with the trauma, stories and BS from your past - and create a life you can be damn proud of.


and start taking giant leaps towards becoming the raddest version of yourself - we’d be thrilled to support you in the process!

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All the FAQ's



We are your trauma-informed, strategy-obsessed coach and therapist, Star Rose Bond, LCSW and Ruby Christine Head, co-founders of Life Camp!

We bring a wealth of clinical experience into our work, along with hard-won lessons from the school of life. 

We believe in your unlimited no matter what you’ve done (or what has happened to you) in the past. We know that every human is not only born worthy but absolutely capable of deep, long-lasting healing.  

We are book smart, street smart, warm, fiercely loving, honest, and real AF.

Keep scrolling for a deep dive bio sesh and see why we are fully equipped to be your strategic guides!


  • Life Camp Online Course Platform for 24/7 access to all your replays + materials
  • Downloadable/Printable Life Camp Workbook with 10 Modules of Integration exercises + home practices
  • Downloadable/Printable 10 week Daily Journal
  • 10 Module Deep Dive into content on video
  • 2 weekly Group Coaching Calls for all your Q's and FIRE coaching:  show up on video, stay anonymous, keep the video off, call in or listen to replays (you choose how you want to show up based on your comfort level, no one is pushed into the hot seat)
  • Bonus downloadable meditations & breathing exercises released weekly





Hey there, I'm Star Rose Bond,

a Licensed Psychotherapist and co-founder of Life Camp. 

I did not become an expert in my field specializing in trauma with a successful practice simply by textbooks alone.  

My childhood was saturated with adversity and trauma (which ultimately became my gifts).  I saw and experienced it all:  poverty, addiction, sexual abuse, single parenthood, domestic violence, chronic illness, the whole she-bang. 

When I was 12, I was committed into my first mental institution and by age 14, I was facing incarceration for the first of many times. Throughout my entire adolescence into early adulthood, I was shuffled through the system, labeled and medicated.  On top of all that, Lymes disease was simultaneously & unknowingly wreaking havoc on my health.

So, if you feel like you’ve been through some shit - welcome, you’re in good company.

I spent the first half of my life believing that I was broken, crazy and destined for a life of hardship -- just to spend the second half of it healing, reclaiming and owning the fuck out of my worth and wisdom.

For the past 20 years, I have committed myself to a path of healing like never before. 

I went from being a product of the system and a high school drop-out to graduating from an Ivy League University top of my class and spending the last 12 years in the field as a master's level social worker working with underserved communities from around the globe. 

My career has led me to develop an obsession with neuro-psychology and the incredible connection between science and the sacred and how that relates to human behavior. I am living proof of what it means to overcome trauma and even against all odds, I discovered healing and a life I never thought possible. 

In my journey back to self, I was gifted with the knowledge and experience of now being able to help facilitate that process for others.

I am fiercely passionate about helping people break-free from trauma and overcome the shit that is holding them back from creating their own personal legacy. 

I live in the Sierra foothills of Northern California where I run my private practice out of my home/mini farm and work as the trauma-informed specialist at a local treatment center for low-income families. When I am not working as a therapist + coach - you can catch me being a rebel hearted, loud-mouth New Yorker who loves hip hop, bougie hotels in exotic places, psychedelics, books and dismantling the patriarchy. If you want a non-judgemental kick in the butt to break you out of your BS stories - I’m your woman.

Well hello, I'm Ruby Head,

Life Coach and co-founder of Life Camp. First, I want to applaud you for making it this far down the page!!

I graduated a Psych major from SSU years ago - and quickly realized I didn’t want to be stuck in an office providing therapy to clients all day long. What I truly wanted to do was to help people find their own path to healing - by connecting with nature as the source. 

For the last 20 years of my career - that’s exactly what I have done: I’ve worked as a coach and mentor with thousands of children, teenagers and adults - who want to connect with the wisdom of nature and access growth, healing and evolution through it.  

A few years back, I was in a dysfunctional relationship - even though I was killing it in my professional career. We argued all the time, pretended like everything was fine on the outside and rode the crazy emotional rollercoaster in private - and swung between blinding rage and being wildly in love with each other. I would invariably land up crying on the kitchen floor, wondering, “why does my life feel so bat shit crazy on a daily basis?” 

While I looked successful (we bought our home, traveled abroad, enjoyed life etc) and ran a well-known non-profit - I was a complete mess at home. I was stressed, overwhelmed and couldn’t figure out why the hell my relationship wasn’t working. I was sick and tired of pretending like everything was fine.

Every therapist I went to said: “You’re fine - it’s not you, it’s him.”

But I wasn’t fine. I was the one who was creating the shit show around me. 

At one point, I was just DONE with this emotional rollercoaster. I couldn’t bear the thought of being in the same shitty relationship for another year, feeling miserable on my birthday ever again - or having to put on a “happy face” to go through life while feeling crap on the inside. 

I had also been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, massive hormone imbalances, and no amount of supplements or diet changes helped. My health was going downhill - and fast! 

Over the last 12 years - I committed to healing myself and spent over $25,000 on self-help - from Tony Robbins seminars to coaching to therapy - I did it all. Only a few things moved the needle - and the rest just made me feel worse!

What really helped - was to get consistent at a few things. One of the biggest game-changers for me was to start working with neuroscience-based practices. 

I went from being outwardly successful but inwardly miserable - to having an intimate, loving, non-volatile relationship of my dreams with the same man. 

Today, I am deeply passionate about helping people dump their BS stories from their past - and connect to their own wisdom deeper than ever before. 

When I am not working as a coach or running my teen wilderness program - I can be found on the beach, surfing, playing with our pups or cooking up a brilliant mess in the kitchen. I can’t wait to meet you inside the program!



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